Fosca in Concert

Fosca in Concert
ART 006
Physical release date: 11th November 2007
Digital release date: 28th November 2007
Format: Limited Edition CD-R/Digital
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Live album for free download from London’s finest: Dickon Edwards’s elegant band of popsters Fosca. Recorded at the Rip It Up! Festival in Säffle, Sweden in July 2007. Go to the download page for Fosca in Concert to download all songs for free!
Track listing
  • 1 Letter to St. Christopher
  • 2 Universal Gatecrasher
  • 3 Head Boy
  • 4 Come Down From the Cross
  • 5 We See the World as Our Stunt Doubles
  • 6 Secret Crush on Third Trombone
  • 7 It Only Matters To Those To Whom It Matters
  • 8 I’ve Agreed to Something I Shouldn’t Have
  • 9 The Millionaire of Your Own Hair
  • 10 It’s Going to End in Tears
  • 11 The Agony Without The Ecstasy