Bite My Tongue

Bite My Tongue
ART 012
Artist: Friday Bridge
Release date: 11 March 2009
Distribution: Border (SWE)/
Supersounds (FIN)
Format: CD/Digital
Press releases and images
Bite My Tongue is Friday Bridge’s follow-up to critically acclaimed Intricacy (2007). The album is marked by further exploration and refinement of the Friday Bridge sound – lush arrangements, heavy synthesizers and the odd door knob come together to form a unique soundscape that recalls both Euro pop and Kate Bush.

About Bite My Tongue

“It’s been a long time since I heard such stunning sounds in an album”
- Sonic Magazine

“the group’s sound can be likened to laying fellow Swede Lykke Li’s vocals atop Cut Copy’s bouncy debut, Bright Like Neon Love. ”
- Mumuuse

“Ylva Lindberg’s brittle vocals gently strokes the great sounding pop arrangements and make sure that the album never feels boring.”
- Zero Magazine

“elegant electro-pop that is sleek, stylish and very much deserves your attention.”
- Arjan Writes

“Friday Bridge are releasing their second album Bite My Tongue and a breakthrough in wider circles seems likely. Bite My Tongue is a steady step forward from their P3 Guld nominated debut Intricacy from 2007. More distinct, more assured, better sounding - and on top of that, with a bunch of sharper songs. ”
- Digfi

“A piece of classic pop already at its birth” - VF

“Many Swedish bands of the 00s make electronic pop for dance floor where you glance at each other, successors to St Etienne and Pet Shop Boys. But few do it as well as Friday Bridge.” - Sydsvenskan

Track listing
  • 1 How to Spend It
  • 2 Horror of Horrors
  • 3 Shanghai Shipping (MP3)
  • 4 This Case Is Closed
  • 5 Shock Value
  • 6 Tourner la Page (MP3)
  • 7 Cats and Dogs
  • 8 Krautrock
  • 9 Partners in Crime
  • 10 The Centre of Attention
  • 11 There’s No Doubt (You’d Get Killed)
  • 12 Once You’ve Said Goodbye
  • 13 Bridgend