About The Sorayas

In an era of teenage angst and revolution, the Gothenburg powertrio The Sorayas was formed. The band consisted of Soraya Mirgalou (drums), Annika Forsberg (guitar and vocals) and Hanna Maurin (bass guitar).

It all started in April of 2000 when Annika Forsberg was searching for band members by putting up notes in the local record stores. Thats how she met Soraya and Hanna - and they quickly connected by a common bond in music and lifestyle. Spending the evenings listening to songs, they decided to name the band after the Persian princess Soraya – and of course their own drummer. The Sorayas combined the best parts of slammer pop punk with melodic tunes.


Hours and Days (ART 002, 2005)


Easy Tune from Hours to Days (ART 002, 2005)