The Higher Elevations

The Higher Elevations’ music have been heard and appreciated in the docks of Rotterdam, on the foggy streets of Aberdeen and in the back alleys of Albuquerque. A lot of prominent names have been shouted in their direction by way of comparison, like The Only Ones, Sportique and the Go-Betweens. Renowned people like Richard Lloyd, Captain Sensible, Björn Olsson, Andy Bartleby and Suspiria Franklyn have lent them their ears and their hands.

Their first, critically acclaimed album, Always The Same, was released on Little Teddy Recordings in 2005. ‘Ace garage pop’, ‘Europe’s best power pop newcomers’, ‘Peter Perrett has risen’ and ‘A must have’ were some of the voices about the album. Today they are signed to brand new record label Time For Action records.

In 2006 they scored a minor indie hit with the Christmas single ‘All These Winter Nights’. It is a fine moment of classic pop, all about wintery love – without being wimpy.

The Higher Elevations’ sophomore album – The Protestant Work Ethic – consists of 14 new songs. All originals. It was released on the 21st of February 2008 on Time For Action (CD/LP) and as digital download via But is it Art? records.


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The Protestant Work Ethic (ART 009, 2008)

Also appears on

Someone to Share My Life With – An Alternative Tribute to the Television Personalities (ARTLP 001, 2005)


Breaking The News from The Protestant Work Ethic (ART 009, 2008)
All These Winter Nights (ART 003, 2006)