About Friday Bridge

Friday Bridge is the musical vehicle for Ylva Lindberg and Niklas Gustafsson. The music of Friday Bridge has been described as a mixture of modern electronic pop and the pop music of the ’80s – sometimes with references to classical music, for example in the use of the harpsichord in the otherwise electronic instrumentation.

Friday Bridge was founded in 2004, and quickly got a faithful following after the release of The Lady Julie. After a number of single and EP releases, notably the single It Girl, which received extensive airplay in Sweden as well as abroad and featured on the Friendly Noise compilation Are You Scared to Get Happy?, Friday Bridge’s debut album Intricacy was released on But is it Art? on the 23rd May 2007. The album received raving reviews, among others from Sonic Magazine, who called the album “genius pop music”. The album was nominated for Swedish national radio prize P3 Guld in the Pop category. On the 11th March 2009, Friday Bridge released their second album, Bite My Tongue. 2010 saw the release of remix compilation Do You Know How to Spend It?. Now, Friday Bridge are back with the new single Dark Heart, made in collaboration with fellow Swede Nicolas Makelberge.

“…very unusual electropop. Slightly sliced with deranged Pet Shop Boys, Italo Disco, Tortuga and of course ABBA. Theres also a shy-like classical feel to their excellent sounds. And, they are excellent. You can hear Stock Aitken Waterman all over the song “It Girl” – great! There is also something a bit royal about them. Perhaps thats the St Etienne touch that graces some of their finest moments.” - Dontstopthepop


Press releases and images


Dark Heart (with Nicolas Makelberge, ART 017, 2012)
Do You Know How to Spend It? (ART 014, 2010)
Bite My Tongue (ART 012, 2009)
Intricacy (ART 005, 2007)


This Case is Closed (Johan Agebjörn Remix)
Shanghai Shipping from Bite My Tongue (ART 012, 2009)
Shanghai Shipping (Dumb Dan Remix)
Shanghai Shipping (Dumb Dan Remix Radio Edit)
Shanghai Shipping (Dumb Dan Dub)
Love and Nostalgia from Intricacy (ART 005, 2007)
Eyes Without A Face Billy Idol cover for the Buffetlibre 80s cover project
Literature (Lovely Chords remix)
The Story of Agnes from Friday Bridge 2 (Bedroom, 2005)


There’s No Doubt (You’d Get Killed)