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Fosca is the eccentric UK pop band fronted by Highgate-based dandy and wordsmith Dickon Edwards. Since forming in 1998, they’ve released four singles and three albums, toured several times across Europe, received radio play by John Peel, and found their lyrics quoted in a Swedish novel (Martina Lowden’s Allt).

After leaving the slightly acclaimed group Orlando, Mr Edwards started Fosca with a revolving line-up of London musicians, recruited partly down to their musical prowess, but mostly on what he thought of their dress sense at the time (Mr Edwards still has a strict ‘no trainers’ rule, believing running shoes are for running in, not for playing guitar in). However, some members have managed to stick around for the duration, notably Rachel Stevenson (keyboards / vocals).

From 2000 to 2002, Fosca were signed to Shinkansen Records, recording two albums with Saint Etienne producer Ian Catt. The results won fans all over the world, with NYC label Secret Crush Records taking their name from the Fosca single Secret Crush On Third Trombone. Two unofficial videos were made by separate groups of fans - both from Sweden - for Secret Crush and for the obscure b-side Confused And Proud. Given its curious popularity beyond its status, this latter song has now been reworked and re-recorded for the third album.

After much idling, bouts of ill health and general misfortune, the third Fosca album was finally completed in a Hackney basement in summer 2007, with Tom Edwards (guitar / programming) and Kate Dornan (keyboards, recorder, vocals). As Shinkansen had by this time wound down, But Is It Art? stepped in to release the album, as well as a farewell vinyl single.


Press releases and images


The Man I’m Not Today/My Diogenes Heart (ART 011, 2008)
The Painted Side of the Rocket (ART 008, 2008)
Fosca in Concert (ART 006, 2007)

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Confused and Proud from The Painted Side of the Rocket (ART 008, 2008)
Fosca in Concert (ART 007) The whole album for free!