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Summer Offer – Two CDs for the price of one
Posted July 12th, 2012 by But is it Art?

Celebrate summer the best way possible - by dancing to some Pop Grand Cru! Take advantage of this great offer: 2 of our best selling CDs for only 14 euro including P&P! Choose between these three combinations:

The Friday Bridge pack
Electronic pop galore with both Friday Bridge albums – the elegant Intricacy (ART 005) and the even more danceable Bite My Tongue (ART 012).

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Bite My Tongue & The Painted Side of the Rocket
Combine the latest Friday Bridge album with stylish London pop from Dickon Edwards’s Fosca (The Painted Side of the Rocket, ART 008).

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Intricacy & The Painted Side of the Rocket
The classic Friday Bridge album and Fosca’s last CD, for the price of one. Brilliant!

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