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This Case is Closed RMX very well received
Posted June 17th, 2009 by But is it Art?

Here’s some of the praise that has been coming its way:

“Agebjörn’s trademark sparkly synths and Moroder-esque bassline form a
billowy disco bed for Ylva Lindberg’s airy vocals. A nice jam to kick
off your weekend dance party.” - Pitchfork

“This is some silky smooth music. Very dreamy and flowy.” - DANGER! DANGER!

“Sweden is chock full of amazing talent, and Friday Bridge is no exception. They’ve just released a new album called Bite My Tongue. Fans of Sally Shapiro will love the remix we have to share with you today by the man behind it all, Johan Agebjörn. I also hear a bit of Lykke Li in their material as well. Great indie electro-pop!” - HardCandy

“The remix of Friday Bridge’s “This Case Is Closed” (from the band’s new Bite My Tongue LP) delivers more than 6 minutes worth of fantastic “Shapiro-esque” bliss.” - La Cinta

The track can be downloaded for free directly from But is it Art?.

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