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Summer Offer – Two CDs for the price of one
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Celebrate summer the best way possible - by dancing to some Pop Grand Cru! Take advantage of this great offer: 2 of our best selling CDs for only 14 euro including P&P! Choose between these three combinations:

The Friday Bridge pack
Electronic pop galore with both Friday Bridge albums – the elegant Intricacy (ART 005) and the even more danceable Bite My Tongue (ART 012).

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Bite My Tongue & The Painted Side of the Rocket
Combine the latest Friday Bridge album with stylish London pop from Dickon Edwards’s Fosca (The Painted Side of the Rocket, ART 008).

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Intricacy & The Painted Side of the Rocket
The classic Friday Bridge album and Fosca’s last CD, for the price of one. Brilliant!

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Chick-e-Chack’s new single out!
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Chick-e-Chack’s new brilliant single, Det Är Nog Idag, is now, finally, out on Spotify. Listen to it here!

Do You Know How To Spend It?
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Do You Know How To Spend It?, Friday Bridge’s new remix compilation, is now out on Spotify! You can also find the compilation on all major download services.

Listen to the compilation on Spotify »
Download the compilation on iTunes »

Chick-e-Chack article
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A Chick-e-Chack article in Göteborgs Fria (in Swedish): read here. Take the opportunity to learn more about this new, brilliant pop group – and while you’re at it, visit their website.

Friday Bridge RMX contest winner announced
Posted December 30th, 2009 by But is it Art? Comment (0)

After listening to all the great remixes they’ve been sent, Friday Bridge have finally decided on a winner: Bucharest-based Eusebio. The remix will be included in the digital remix compilation “Do You Know How To Spend It?”, to be released early 2010.

Friday Bridge Remix Competition
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Friday Bridge and But is it Art? are running a remix competition - remix Horror of Horrors of their latest album Bite My Tongue, and get it released digitally via But is it Art?. Read more and download remix files: HERE

Friday Bridge on Posterous
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Friday Bridge are now on Posterous, posting inspiring pictures, pictures and pictures, mixed with a Friday Bridge mp3 or two and the occasional text entry. Yes, that’s right, it’s the return of the (slightly) celebrated Friday Bridge Wonder-room!

It’s here: http://fridaybridge.posterous.com/

Recent Friday Bridge postings on Posterous …
… include Stevie Nicks getting her makeup done and singing along, http://post.ly/7V95
pictures of books, suitcases and chefs’ knives, http://post.ly/7pS1
and other forays into music, fashion, art and random imagery.

Friday Bridge featured in Fact Mag mix
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Friday Bridge’s This Case is Closed (Johan Agebjörn RMX) is featured in a very good mix made by Agebjörn for Fact Magazine. The mix is available for free download, so we suggest that you do just that: here

This Case is Closed RMX very well received
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Here’s some of the praise that has been coming its way:

“Agebjörn’s trademark sparkly synths and Moroder-esque bassline form a
billowy disco bed for Ylva Lindberg’s airy vocals. A nice jam to kick
off your weekend dance party.” - Pitchfork

“This is some silky smooth music. Very dreamy and flowy.” - DANGER! DANGER!

“Sweden is chock full of amazing talent, and Friday Bridge is no exception. They’ve just released a new album called Bite My Tongue. Fans of Sally Shapiro will love the remix we have to share with you today by the man behind it all, Johan Agebjörn. I also hear a bit of Lykke Li in their material as well. Great indie electro-pop!” - HardCandy

“The remix of Friday Bridge’s “This Case Is Closed” (from the band’s new Bite My Tongue LP) delivers more than 6 minutes worth of fantastic “Shapiro-esque” bliss.” - La Cinta

The track can be downloaded for free directly from But is it Art?.

Friday Bridge MP3: Johan Agebjörn RMX
Posted June 4th, 2009 by But is it Art? Comment (1)

This case is closed

Here you are: a brand new, brilliant Johan Agebjörn remix of This Case is Closed, a track from Friday Bridge’s latest Bite My Tongue album. Johan being, of course, Sally Shapiro’s producer. Download it here.

Friday Bridge Pop Dakar Setlist
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Thank you everybody who lended your eyes and ears to Friday Bridge at the Pop Dakar festival! The sun was setting, the air was warm, the audience was wonderful.

Here’s what Friday Bridge played:
1. How to Spend It
2. Shanghai Shipping
3. Eyes Without a Face
4. Edward VII
5. The Lady Julie
6. Literature
7. Horror of Horrors
8. Shock Value
9. Love and Nostalgia
10. Tourner la Page
11. It Girl

Special deals for Pop Dakar
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Hope to see as many Stockholm people as possible on Saturday when it’s time for the Pop Dakar festival. Friday Bridge are on at 19:45, so don’t fiddle about with your makeup too long or you’ll miss them. And, before that, Montt Mardié’s playing, which you’re not likely keen to missing, either.

But is it Art? will be selling cds, t-shirts and other merchandise during the concert, and there will be some very good deals, so don’t forget to bring cash!

Fosca live on YouTube
Posted May 20th, 2009 by But is it Art? Comment (1)

We’ve noticed that there’s a lot of live material of Fosca on YouTube. We love you for putting this stuff up for the world to see! We really do. Well, to make it easier for everyone to watch those glorious live moments without having to wade through clips related to those countless dogs that appear to be named Fosca, we’ve made a playlist of it all:

Fosca Live Playlist

If we’ve missed a clip that you’d like to see on this list, please let us know!

The Bridge that Tweets
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Friday Bridge are on Twitter, sharing information about their music, life and, occasionally, scent.

They’ll be delighted if you want to follow them: Twitter.com/fridaybridge

Friday Bridge play Pop Dakar
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Friday Bridge will play at the Pop Dakar festival in Stockholm on the 3oth May. Don’t miss it - and in these times of crisis, we’re sure that you’ll be glad to know that the festival is free. More info at the Pop Dakar website!

Welcome to the new But is it Digital?
Posted May 15th, 2009 by But is it Art? Comment (1)

Hello. We have a new site up, or actually, it’s being uploaded and tried and tested, so please be a little patient during the next couple of days. We hope that you’ll enjoy the new But is it Art? site!